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At Blue Ocean Wealth Management we are committed to enhancing your quality of life by simplifying your finances, improving your relationship with money, and getting you excited about the future and the opportunities that await you.

Together, we collaborate and educate you on key concepts with the aim of tailoring a financial plan to achieve your goals according to your values and lifestyle. 

Take a look below to see all that we offer and get in touch if you would like to schedule a meeting with one of our advisers.

Our Strategies
Cashflow Management

We ensure your relationship with money is healthy and sustainable; by working together, we help you gain control over your income and expenses. 


Having an adequate succession plan is vital in ensuring that your loved ones are adequately supported should you pass away. 

Debt Management

Relieve the stress of being in debt! 
We will provide strategies to repay your debts in the most efficient manner so you can get back on track and grow your finances.  


Life is unexpected and a strong financial plan should account for that. We will discuss what is most important to you and provide you with a comprehensive strategy to ensure that your finances will continue growing no matter the circumstance. 

Investment Advice

 We educate and guide you in the construction of your investment portfolio to ensure that your funds are grown in a manner that you are confident in, no matter the economic situation.

Tax Advice

No one is a fan of paying tax. Let us help you develop a strategy to offset your taxes towards growing your wealth.


We ensure your fund is suited to your needs and develop strategies to boost your balance. After all, your nest-egg is your most important asset, it's important to get it right.


Self Managed Superfunds may seem daunting and complex. We simplify the process and work together to ensure that you make an educated decision on whether this is the right vehicle for you and your retirement. 


Our Testimonials


"I'm very happy. I liked the whole process; Blue Ocean educated me, worked on solutions that I needed and made me feel heard. Thank you for getting me excited about my future!"


"Wow! Blue Ocean has been amazing to work with. I used to feel intimidated when it came to thinking about my finances but now it's a challenge I can't wait to take on"


"Brilliant team at Blue Ocean! Thorough advice explained in a simple manner with planning done on my terms!"


"Patient, understanding and supportive. Blue Ocean helped me more than I ever could have imagined"


Our Advice Process

Blackened Paper

This session is all about you! 

We get to know you, assess your finances, discuss your financial goals and address your concerns. 

Client & Adviser

Blackened Paper

After carrying out in-depth research, we present our strategies in a visually interactive manner.

We then collaborate with you to decide on which solution suits you best. 


Blackened Paper

You are presented with a Statement of Advice- this is the tailored blue-print to achieving your goals. 

Client & Adviser

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The most important stage; we put your plan into action and monitor your progress until you achieve your goals. 



Our Team


Benjamin Herzog

Financial Adviser


Having served as a Commissioned Officer in the Swiss Armed Forces, Benjamin is a first hand witness of how important it is to have a plan and then stick to it with enthusiasm and discipline. He is passionate about making a difference to other people's lives, and relishes helping his clients become financially secure. Benjamin is also the resident foodie and adventurer.


Christian Skok

Financial Adviser


Christian epitomises compassion, hard work and positivity in all areas of his life. Having worked throughout Australia in wealth management, he has a strong background in providing financial advice and is focused on building trusted relationships with his clients. Being a semi-professional footballer in his youth, he established the importance of team work and communication. These skills have enabled him to posses an infectious drive to better serve his clients. 


Michael De Corrado

Head of Compliance


Michael has a pedigree in financial planning with multiple members of his family working in the profession. Although he worked as a Financial Adviser for several years, Michael found his greatest strength to be in compliance and guiding other advisers. His keen eye for detail and expertise has seen him provide support to a number of financial planning firms throughout Australia.

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